The increasingly strong, effective and productive collaboration between Italian Trade Agency and IMM-CarraraFiere will bring to Seatec-Compotec 100 international buyers from 25 countries and a delegation of foreign journalists from 6 countries.

The panel of conferences will be focused on technologies for reducing emissions for a better environment, on tourism port systems and Cyber Security and on the situation of refitting in the Mediterranean area.

The long-standing and consolidated collaboration between Italian Trade Agency, committed to the promotion and to the internationalisation of Italian companies, and Seatec, the exhibition of technology, components, design and subcontracting applied to yachting, is once again renewed. Seatec, conceived and organised by IMM-CarraraFiere, is the only trade event dedicated to the sector in Italy and southern Europe, and in 2019 will further amplify its international appeal thanks to the contribution  of Italian Trade Agency to select a larger delegation of foreign buyers taking part in its incoming programme. 100 delegates from 25 countries will – in fact – attend the Seatec-Compotec delegation. For Seatec specifically, buyers will come from: Croatia, Denmark, UAE, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Norway, Holland, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, Hungary, USA, all of these countries  currently and actively engaged in boats and yachts building.

The incoming programme by Italian Trade Agency will further broaden the opportunities for business encouraged by the B2B meetings arranged among with the exhibitors of the fair and the representatives of the international nautical industry in order to favour the internalisation of Italian companies in the perspective of increasingly globalised activities in the sector.

Alongside the delegation of buyers, Italian Trade Agency will also invite a delegation of nautical journalists to represent the most prestigious and qualified newspapers of France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, UK and US. The journalists invited by Italian Trade Agency will join the rest of journalists, Italian and foreign, directly invited by IMM-Carrarafiere.

Following on what has already been achieved in the past few years – declares Ferdinando Pastore, Head of  Industrial Technology, Energy and Environment Department of Italian Trade Agency – the collaboration between Italian Trade Agency and IMM-CarraraFiere gets renewed to support Seatec and Compotec fairs through the organisation of an incoming programme involving about 100 foreign buyers selected from a range of international markets that presently have interesting prospects in terms of potential demand for Made in Italy technology. Our foreign offices — continues Ferdinando Pastore — are presently working hard to make an accurate selection of buyers, importers and distributors in the targeted markets. For the next edition of Seatec we will also invite a selection of foreign journalists of the nautical sector, with the aim of contributing to the growth of an event that, year after year, is emerging in the scenario of international fairs dedicated to the subcontracting sector of technologies and design for yachts and ships”.

Since its beginnings, conferencing has been a distinctive feature of Seatec, which has always offered its visitors highly technical contents dealing with topics related to the new dynamics of the boating market. Seatec 2019 conferencing panel will tackle the increasingly pressing issue of reducing emissions from combustion engines for better environmental quality with three dedicated conferences that will examine the new technological frontiers in terms of control and cleaning of fumes and alternative propulsions. Also the increasingly pressing issue of Cyber Security on board will be examined, as well as an analysis of the tourist port system and the bureaucratic slowdown to its evolution, today more relevant than ever after the disasters occurred in Liguria. Beyond that, a survey on the situation of refitting in the Mediterranean area will be presented. Also in 2019 the conferences held in the framework of Seatec will be included in the Seatec-Compotec Academy programme as part of a training offer aimed at professionals who need Professional Training Credits, so as to meet the demands of the respective professional orders (Engineers, Architects, etc.).


(Carrara, Decembre 7th 2018)