The new watermakers technology

The traditional reverse osmosis water makers make use of  high pressure pumps,  to increase the pressure of the seawater up to 50-60 BAR. The high pressure pumps need a great amount of electric energy.  For instance, to produce 60 lit/hour of freshwater, are required  1.000 – 1.200  Watt on average. Therefore the  most part of  traditional water makers need an 230 AC electric generator.

Schenker water makers, as alternative to high pressure pumps, make use of a new patented device (Energy Recovery System) that amplifies the pressure supplied by the low pressure pumps, recovers most part of the spent energy, thus enabling  very high energy efficiency.

The consumed energy is up to 80% lower than conventional systems (for instance only 240 watt to produce 60 lit/h). Thanks to this high efficiency, Schenker watermakers can be even DC powered  directly from service batteries. As a result no AC generator is needed to install the watermaker. The main advantages of the new technology are:


  • Direct power supply from service batteries (12 or 24 VDC) .
  • Very low electric consumption ( lower up to 80% vs. the traditional systems)
  • Very quiet running and vibration free.
  • High reliability
  • Wide range available (from 30 to 300 lit/h )
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Full automatic operation. No adjustment is necessary when running.


The Energy Recovery System was presented from Schenker on 1999, but it is was continuously improved along the years. In example, effective May 2013,  was introduced the new  2.0 version .
The ERS  based on the new 2.0 version doesn’t  make use at all of dinamic o-rings.
The internal seals,  are made with  special frictions bands, made  of  special innovative  material produced with nanotechnology.
This material exhibits a very low friction coefficient, and an incredible resistance to abrasion, up to 15 times greater than carbon steel!
The result is a very smooth and  silent functioning, an increased efficiency, but above all a reliability and an expected life of the device unreachable with traditional technologies and materials.  Basically the new Energy Recovery System is almost a maintenance free device.
Never make water has been so easy, economical and reliable.


Schenker Italia