Founded in 1927, Bellotti entered the wood sector as a leading manufacturer of plywood, specialising in the worldwide trade of semi-finished products.

Bellotti's innovative business philosophy is the first element of success which, combined with quality assurance and multifunctional products, guarantees solutions tailored to customer needs.

From thermal insulation polymer sheets and panels to decking and plywood, the entire production is certified by the Company Quality System ISO 9001:2000 as it consists of wood species selected in reforestation plantations and controlled by expert partners around the world according to the principles of environmental sustainability.

Bellotti is synonymous with innovation thanks to the combination of constant technology updating and laboratory analysis involving both raw materials and the end product.

Further prestige is given by the totally integrated photovoltaic system on the roof, the largest in Northern Italy and unique in the wood-furniture sector, confirming the entirely eco-sustainable direction of the company and its sensitivity to environmental sustainability.

Presents Okoumé Marine Plywood, Lamimar “SG” and Larimar PET-Px 100

Seares Srl


Seares is an innovative start-up born from a team with twenty years' experience in the nautical field. Its aim is to revolutionise current mooring systems thanks to products with unique patented technologies, which are sustainable and can produce energy.

Presents Seadam Plus

Maritanglass Srl


MARITAN GLASS is an Italian company that has been successfully operating in the glass industry for over 40 years. Today, a young, skilled, dynamic team in touch with market news and technological innovation has taken the reins of MARITAN GLASS. Its growth and development project linked to a new way of doing business will make it stand out in the world for the values and excellence of the Made in Italy brand.

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Falegnameria Campo Eugenio snc


Falegnameria Campo was set up in 1963. Born of tradition, the company has skilfully renewed itself over time, focusing on special and customised finishes and choosing to create unique, exclusive, quality products with the ambitious goal of stirring an important emotion.

Presents Cantina di Paul



Mates has always worked in the development, production and distribution of the best articles and equipment for the production of reinforced plastic materials. The range of products treated by Mates has constantly expanded with the improvement of new technologies for composite construction, also offering a series of targeted services, useful to meet all specific needs. Technical support is provided through numerous specific tests on products and constant cooperation in the main production processes or in any customizations. In addition, we are able to provide specific assistance for customers both in the design and pre / post sales phases. Since consumer feedback is one of our priorities, Mates offers the opportunity to do business with us by ensuring well-defined sales conditions, direct contact with our staff and job opportunities for jobs of all kinds.



Gurit was founded in 1835 by Georg Philipp Heberlein in Switzerland. At first engaged in the textile sector, it was specialized in the production of synthetic fibers. To date, Gurit's mission "is to go beyond the standards".

Presents Ampro Bio

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Foster Spa

A manufacturer of sinks, mixers, hobs, ovens, coffee machines and more set up in 1973.

"High performance, but with attention to energy saving, practical use enhanced by research in design, advanced technology, but the result of extensive experience".

This is the Foster philosophy. A general, coherent principle. A principle that is recognisable in every product of its vast collection.

Focus Informatica
Focus Informatica is a reality operating since 1998 in the information technology sector and proposes itself as a reliable partner in facing projects and in developing effective, open and innovative IT solutions. It offers its expertise and its own experience organized in a concrete consulting service and continuous. It is proposed to companies of all sectors and public bodies as partners with technological and application skills, which translate into solutions, services, consulting and System Integration.

Presents Audit Manager

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Gruppo del Barba

Gruppo Del Barba Consulting has been operating in the Facilitated Finance sector since 1996, helping companies in their growth path through access to subsidies and public contributions promoted at community, national, regional and local level.

In the afternoon of April 4th, Stefano Ciacciarelli, General Manager, will present in a workshop dedicated to exhibitors and visitors of Seatec & Comptec the main benefits provided by the Business Plan 4.0 (formerly Industry 4.0), applicable to companies in the composite materials and boating sectors. Research & Development tax credit, Hyper-amortization, Training Bonus 4.0 , Nuova Sabatini, Patent Box, will be examined in light of the changes made by the new Budget Law.

Gruppo Del Barba has introduced a staff of professionals, specialized in internationalization, which has always been at the side of Italian companies for commercial development abroad, able to enhance products and services of partner companies by intervening in all phases of the commercial export process In this regard, Findelbarba was born, a Group company accredited to the MiSE (Ministry of Economic Development) for TEM services (Temporary Export Manager).

Stand 855 Line 28 Pavillion D

Zeus Power Converter

Zeus international current converters are produced by a dynamic Italian company that is highly skilled in the design and production of electronic parts. The company offers 20 years of experience in the naval current sector. The converters are built to supply power wherever you are in the world. Chosen by many of the most important shipyards and luxury yachts, Zeus systems guarantee comfort, practicality and safety. No more flickering lights, loss of image on the TV or abnormal computer behaviour. Built for the latest generation of yachts, these systems significantly reduce harmful emissions and guarantee the maximum in terms of power.

U.S.A. Srl Umbria Stampi Attrezzature

The USA Umbria Stampi Attrezzature was set up in 1975 with the aim of giving full support to its customers at every stage of a product’s development.

A specialised company serving its customers from the design, carried out with creative flair and over 40 years of experience in a wide range of different sectors, to the construction of moulds and various other equipment and the production of the finished product thanks to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Sifar Placcati Srl

Over 40 years of experience have enabled the company to develop considerable know-how in terms of the various wood species and in-depth technical knowledge about the best processing methods, making it a leading company and a key reference in the sector. Thanks to a covered production area of around 40,000 square metres, including a 15,000-square–metre warehouse for raw materials, and a team of more than 50 people, it promptly responds to customer requirements, offering customised cutting-edge solutions. Nature and technique, combined with experience and dedication, have allowed us to constantly improve the range, providing a highly personalised product and service. Professionalism, product quality and close relations with our customers are a constant commitment.

Officina meccanica Cicioni

The Officina Meccanica Cicioni has been successfully operating in the market since 1913 and has made a name for itself in the industrial hydraulic equipment sector, in particular in the production of power plants and cylinders of all sizes and types.

It has gained experience through a constant and qualified presence in this specific branch.

All the various processing phases are performed on the company’s premises by specialised personnel in order to guarantee the highest quality.

Particular attention is paid to the choice of materials and the numerous controls to which the products are subjected guarantee their solidity and durability.

Fratelli Canalicchio Spa

Fratelli Canalicchio was established in 1996 by two young brothers, Giovanni and Pasquale. The company started out as an unlimited partnership benefitting from the experience acquired in their father's business set up in the 80s. In the continuous growth and constant search for new commercial outlets, the company objectives have since turned to the naval market, specifically with pieces of stainless steel for fitting out luxury yachts. Today, the company is determined to develop its position in the nautical sector as a supplier of furnishings and components for Super Yachts.

Bcool Engineering

20 years in the marine sector, the company has extensive experience and guarantees professionalism and punctuality in projects commissioned in Italy and all over the world. Innovative solutions and system reliability are the basis of the company's work. Thanks to the most advanced calculation tools in dynamic and fluid dynamic regimes, Bcool Engineering specialises in thermal comfort with particular attention to the construction of the casing and mechanical systems.

AFAR srl

For over 35 years, AFAR has specialised in the distribution of products and solutions that support the military, industrial, medical, aerospace, transport and energy sectors worldwide.


Pantecnica® was established in 1981 with the explicit goal of focusing its research and development, technical promotion and sales with stock of a comprehensive range of suitable systems and materials:

- to create increasingly satisfactory fluid sealing solutions ("gaskets");

- to isolate and/or dampen active and passive vibrations ("anti-vibration");

- to satisfy any complementary needs expressed by customers, both in terms of other technical items and through the development of ad hoc solutions.

The extensive experience gained in virtue of this strategic positioning make Pantecnica® a reliable technical partner for designers, industrial users and retailers involved in the manufacturing, fitting and maintenance of machines, plants and structures that have moving parts and/or move themselves.

RCR Marine

RCR Marine supplies innovative SeaDek products.

SeaDek is an innovative anti-slip product made of closed cell EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), which offers an excellent safe and comfortable alternative to other marine anti-slip products currently available on the market.

Made from non-absorbent foams and resistant to UV rays, SeaDek presents an innovative textured micro-dot surface for greater anti-slip characteristics.

AP&P Electronics

AP&P Electronics is a company that operates in the field of electronic design and production of third-party accounts and, more specifically, in the design of electronic boards, development of software / firmware and in the assembly of electronic boards and assemblies, from samples to productions standard in high volumes. It also produces electrical and electronic equipment, testing of boards and equipment, painting of electronic boards, wiring and mechanical processing. The strength of the company, as well as its extreme flexibility, is its strong willingness to collaborate with the end customer in order to ensure the highest quality services and products. In addition to subcontracting, AP&P Electronics produces a series of products on its own. brand, developed internally and marketed both directly and through other channels. More specifically, in the Led Lighting sector, the company has developed the 2Wires system, where only two cables are used to create a "backbone" to which all LED drivers are connected. Perfect for the Refit, the 2Wires system offers countless advantages such as : material savings, installation and testing time avoiding wiring errors; 2Wires is modular and self-configurable and ensures correct LED control.

The Boat Station

The Boat Station is the first Italian company involved in the scheduled and preventive maintenance of pleasure boats.

The boat station offers preventive and scheduled maintenance services to its

Digisonic srl

Digisonic is a manufacturer of retractable TV lifts and mechanisms. These mechanisms allow for the positioning of TVs or other audio/video devices inside furniture or other structures. Each mechanism is handcrafted. Technological innovation is ensured by a solid team of technicians and engineers, always looking for new ideas and solutions, ready to best satisfy every requirement of an increasingly demanding market.


MERIN is fine example of goals and projects carried out together with customers. Every request, from a large or small company or even from a private individual, is given the same attention.

At MERIN, flexible tanks are designed, developed and produced according to international standards, such as the standards that regulate the production of anti-impact tanks for FIA competitions (FT3-1999, FT3.5-1999 and FT5-1999). It constantly conducts tests and quality controls and has hence acquired ISO 9001 certification and AS/EN 9100 management system certification for the Aerospace and Defence industry.

Superfici S.c.r.l

A young start-up in Liguria with a great passion for boating.

Specialised in the transportation design sector, we collaborate with the University of Genoa and with local companies for the research and development of innovative concepts.

Aras - Proma Group

Aras - Proma Group, established in 1980, works for the major national and international companies operating in the automotive field. Continuous investments in the research sector and the engineering of high quality products contribute to the success of these car manufacturers and their continuous growth.


Yacht Luxury Style was born from the long experience acquired in the nautical sector.

YLS owes its strength to the production made entirely in Italy and the attention paid to each individual phase of the manufacturing process.

From the very beginning, we have used high quality raw materials, such as AISI 316 produced by the best steelworks. We subject each component to strict quality control before proceeding with the assembly and finally with the manual mirror polishing, without chemical solvents or electro polishing.

Gazechim compositi Italia Spa

Gazechim Compositi Italia Spa is part of the Gazechim Group. In Italy, it is the exclusive distributor of polyester resins and gel coatings by CCP Composites and polyester resins by Polynt, the leading Italian manufacturer and among the largest in Europe. Recently, Polynt acquired CCP, creating the largest polyester network in the world. Other major distributions in Italy are glass fibre reinforcements by Owens Corning, the world leader in the sector, and polyester and fibreglass fibre-reinforced felts by the German company Spheretex.

Ambasciata d'Austria - Sezione Commerciale, Ufficio di Padova -

With a network of around 100 offices in more than 70 countries, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offers Austrian companies and their international partners a valid range of services and commercial support. Every year, it organises about 1,200 events for the creation of professional contacts. The ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices also offer support for contacts with Austrian companies, research services for importers, distributors and sales agents as well as detailed information on Austrian as a business location and entry into the Austrian market.

NSI srl Numerical Software Italia

The company, founded in 2006, has grown and evolved to date, while remaining tied to two cornerstones. These are professionalism and dedication to customers wishing to develop innovative products with a high technological content.

Rama Marine - Div. di Rama Motori Spa

Since the 70s, Rama has distributed spare parts and endothermic engines for non-automotive applications in the agricultural, construction, garden and marine sectors

Compagnia Generale Trattori Spa - CGT Spa

CGT offers integrated sales, rental and assistance solutions in the Mining, Large-scale Works, Infrastructures, Construction, Energy Generation, Oil & Gas and Naval Mechanics sectors.

Saim Spa

Founded in 1951, SAIM soon became a point of reference in supplying large Italian automotive groups and various companies in the industrial marine sector. As the leading ZF distributor in Italy, SAIM has always combined top-quality products with first-class assistance and an organisation established throughout the country and hence, a trusted partner for its customers. SAIM is divided into several business units: SAIM Marine, SAIM Industrial and SAIM Engineering.

Teclo Srl

Teclo Srl is an engineering company that was founded in Rome in 1998 with the intention of offering technical and commercial services for naval, civil and industrial plant engineering. It now operates in different sectors, from the initial naval sector, offering joint contract design (A.I), to ventilation systems - air filtration and air conditioning in the civil sector, and also provides its know-how for the implementation of ISO 900 Quality management systems.


RAFI Srl was set up in 1985. Today, RAFI Srl, located on the outskirts of Turin, is a national company which, thanks to its team of professionals, ensures a valid consultancy service to the end customer. Moreover, thanks to its warehouse of about 1,400 square metres, stocked with all products available on the market, the company can distribute its products throughout the national territory in 24/48 hours.

Commercially, in addition to in-house technical sales staff, the company employs experts who operate throughout the national territory, supported by participation in specific trade fairs and advertisements in trade reviews.

It also has a laboratory where certain works are performed upon Customers’ requests.

Roxtec Italia

Roxtec was founded in 1990 by Mikael Blomqvist, in his garage in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Today, the company produces complete sealing solutions for a wide range of applications in many sectors. Roxtec sealing systems guarantee safety for land-based applications, below ground level and at sea. Excellent conditions for constant development stem from the company’s close collaboration with its customers. Team work leads to the design of new, customised solutions and encourages the exploration of new markets.

Opacmare Srl

Opacmare has been operating in the yacht and superyacht components market since 1995. From Rivalta's headquarters in Turin - where the main production plant is located - product and commercial development has grown exponentially and has allowed the company to build a global business in just a few years.


Micad S.r.l, Monte Carlo Yachts S.p.A, University of Trieste, International Superior School of Advanced Studies (SISSA), in collaboration with Maritime Technologies Cluster FVG.

Tecnoseal Foundry Srl

The TECNOSEAL group is a world leader in the production of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in pleasure boating, shipbuilding, offshore and industrial applications.

For over 30 years, it has been producing anodes in Zinc, Aluminium and Magnesium alloy in its foundry in Grosseto (Tuscany). Today, it boasts the largest range of anodes in the world, with almost 2000 items in series production and more than 3000 customised items made according to customer requirements.

Sirio Srl

Sirio Srl is a family company specialising in the distribution of water and gas valves, galvanised fittings in malleable cast iron, black, galvanised, chromed iron and flanges. Since 1990, it has been working in sectors such as irrigation, hydraulics, boating and water supply, operating on a national and international level.

Devint Srl

Devint has specialised since 1985 in metal work, in particular stainless steel, and has established itself in the development and direct production of accessories in the field of pleasure boating.

Today it has the technical resources, machinery and modern systems to face the challenges of the world market.

Bimas Engineering

The company Bimas Engineering builds machinery in the bonding sector such as cold roller and hot melt coating machines, Cartesian axes combined with the coating body and uses anthropomorphic robot technology to apply adhesive on various surface geometries. Technological innovation, engineering and constant development aimed at increasing productivity and consolidating requirements such as reliability and safety are the key principles that ensure the efficiency of Bimas machines.

PME Mare - Click


PME Mare develops, produces and markets equipment for the nautical, pleasure boating and port sector. It comprises a cohesive team of young designers and workers, backed by twenty years of experience in three-dimensional design and the experience of the founding partners in R&D in the field of document processing, information technology, furniture and boating.

The company also develops products, services and software for tourist and/or commercial ports based on customer specifications.

Presents presents an absolute preview of the new version of GRIPPY: Grippy Heavy ABR e Grippy Light ABR

Besenzoni Spa

Besenzoni has been serving and assisting its customers in 90 countries for 50 years, qualifying itself as one of the flagship companies of the Made in Italy brand in the world.

Tradition and innovation are the lifeblood of the company, which has successfully combined the utmost attention to design and aesthetics with a significant amount of research and development.

Samos Srl

SAMOS, based in Genoa, has been operating exclusively since 1983 in the sector of stabilisers and thrusters for pleasure, commercial and military boats, produced by its own represented company NAIAD DYNAMICS (USA).

Today, ND offers the most advanced technology, the best performance and, above all, an efficient and guaranteed technical assistance service all over the world.

Giusti Cold Systems S.r.l.

The company Giusti Cold Systems Srl was set up in 1989. It aims to satisfy the needs of the most attentive customers and achieve very high customer satisfaction.

NavalTecnoSud S.r.l.c.r.

NavalTecnoSud is a company specialised in the design, production and marketing of products for shipbuilding and, in particular, cradles for boats, boat stands, fixed and transportable cradles for boats with motorised trailers, beams, drawn trailers, holds and shelves for storing boats and racks.

POSEIDON - The software for the nautic sector

Poseidon is the "unique software" that integrates all the activities, sales, purchases, stock and administration of companies operating in the nautical sector in a single workflow.

It manages the work, orders, operators, storage, moorings and berths with interactive plans, contracts, handling and much more. Usable in the Shipyard area, in the Port, at boat shows, on the quay, at the customer's premises or during water tests, Poseidon connects company operators to each other, sharing essential information such as the customers' boats, engines, work progress, as well as the availability of storage and moorings.

Daviddi Marine

Daviddi Marine is a young company set up in October 2017 by Stefano Daviddi, the company's sole shareholder. Relying on a decade of experience in the field of its founder, Daviddi Marine represents and exclusively distributes the following products in Italy: Quantum stabilizers, thrusters, Ocean Yacht Systems, Zenoro generators and Xeamos exhaust gas treatment systems.

Materiacustica Srl

Materiacustica srl is a spin-off company of the University of Ferrara established in 2004. The company was born from the skills developed in the field of Acoustics and Vibrations at the Department of Engineering of the University of Ferrara and carries out a liaison activity between the University and the world of industry.

Materiacustica srl offers its services to companies, public bodies and individuals as partners for applied research, design, consultancy and training.

Acustica Parati & Co.

Acustica Parati & Co. was born from the world of music and opera houses. The discovery that sound like noise is a phenomenon that involves life at 360 ° has led to developing the skills to know how to shape it according to different needs and different sectors: construction, automotive, environment, theatre, events, training, research and innovation.


Udicer/Nautitest is a body notified to the European Community by the Italian State, marked by an international number, which carries out all the verification and certification procedures for the CE marking of pleasure boats and components covered by the new directive 2013/53/EU (and residual applications of the directive 94/25/CE - 2003/44/CE) as well as production quality and total company quality certifications. Udicer also carries out inspections for the issue, renewal, validation of safety certificates for boats and all the checks required by the Nautical Code and the implementing regulation.

Officine del bello MBM Srl

ODB is an excellence in the marine technology sector, achieving maximum customer satisfaction through research, innovation and consolidated know-how and experience. This is the mission of Officine Del Bello, a company founded in 1946, which today has over forty highly skilled employees capable of producing high-tech products with the same artisan care as always. Seventy years of experience and expertise in the field of metal carpentry and door and window frames has made it the leading company in the production of Class A and B fire and watertight doors. ODB faces the challenges of the global sea of markets on the crest of Made in Italy ingenuity, that special component of exclusive creativity which, at the service of technological innovation, turns services and products into high-performance customised solutions, always combining functionality and style.

Balance Srl

Balance Srl is an innovative start-up whose mission is to design and build mechatronic motion control systems for the active and dynamic stabilisation of support surfaces, furniture and parts thereof, platforms and anything else that suffers instability due to rolling and/or pitching movements of the sea, land or air craft on which they are installed. Since the initial idea in 2012, The founders of Balance Srl have had a central role in the development of the technology that is the heart of the stabilisation systems.

MTU Italia

With over 100 years of life, MTU Friedrichshafen has contributed to writing an important part of the history of technological progress in the diesel propulsion sector. From the beginning, with the development of engines for Zeppelins by Engineer Maybach, to today, after the listing on the stock exchange of its holding company Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG, it has been at the fore in numerous technological innovations. In Italy, the Group has been present since 1994 with its own branch to follow customers on one of the company’s main markets, with the distribution of diesel propulsion systems, gas cogeneration units, engines for industrial, earth moving and agricultural machines. MTU Italia also provides an important consultancy and assistance service for all applications in which the Group is present (shipbuilding, railways, power generation, industrial and military fields).


Chimpex was founded in 1982 to become the link between international producers of chemical ingredients and users in central and southern Italy. Efficient services and constant customer assistance are the pillars that distinguish the management philosophy. Every day, the company undertakes to guarantee the high quality of the products supplied, expertise and experience for choosing the right solutions and effective and constant after-sales assistance. At Chimpex, the customer is always at the centre of corporate strategies in order to create a long-lasting relationship leading to innovation and progress.


DIAB has been at the forefront in the development of composite core materials for over fifty years, supplying a wide range of markets including the marine industry, wind energy, transport, aeronautics and industry in general. With a complete range of high performance core materials, numerous finishing options and kit operations combined with engineering services and expertise, it presumably has the widest and most valuable range in the sandwich composite industry. Diab has a global presence in production, sales and design. It follows its customers - and even anticipates their needs - positioning itself in places that allow it to better support them. It has production sites in strategic locations around the world, which offer the full range of materials, and local representatives in many countries - who ensure certainty in terms of supply, efficiency, flexibility and local support.


ELANTAS Electrical Insulation produces insulating materials for the electrical engineering industry used in electric motors, cars, televisions, wind generators, computers and in many other appliances. Thanks to constant research and development, the continuous improvement of insulating materials and processes and the presence of production sites all over the world, ELANTAS has secured a leading international position in the production of enamels for metal wires and impregnating and casting products. Hence, this division is the preferred supplier for the electrical insulation industry and the main supplier of large international customers.

Fibertech Group

Fibertech Group Srl was set up by a group of dynamic companies dedicated to cutting-edge technologies determined to bring together their knowledge and experience in this initiative aimed at the design, production and marketing of innovative composite materials with high technical content. Fibertech Group aims to meet all needs related to composite materials, creating fabrics with particular attention to Pre-Preg carbon fibre technology. The group's peculiarity is in fact its ability to manage all the different phases directly and internally, from weaving the fibre to the formulation of "solvent free" resins and impregnation. For the technical side, the group works closely with Supsi in Manno (Canton Ticino, CH). The sound knowledge of the reference sectors allows the group to focus on the customer's needs, customising the technological support according to the different areas of application.


Gazechim Compositi Italia Spa is part of the Gazechim Group. In Italy, it is the exclusive distributor of polyester resins and gel coatings by CCP Composites and polyester resins by Polynt, the leading Italian manufacturer and among the largest in Europe. Recently, Polynt acquired CCP, creating the largest polyester network in the world. Other major distributions in Italy are glass fibre reinforcements by Owens Corning, the world leader in the sector, and polyester and fibreglass fibre-reinforced felts by the German company Spheretex.

Alongside products related to normal moulding technologies, Gazechim offers a complete range of materials and accessories for moulding composites using infusion, vacuum and light RTM and RTM techniques. The main products are multiaxial fabrics, flow media, vacuum films, fittings, pumps, etc. Moreover, thanks to the close collaboration with its commercial partners, Gazechim is able to provide assistance to customers during the start-up phase of new applications. A vast assortment of additives and aids for reinforced plastics completes the range of products offered to customers, including Arkema polyester resin catalysts. Particularly relevant, from a qualitative point of view, are the release agents by Wiz Chemical and the barrier coats, mastics and bonders by Euromere, used for bonding various materials on fibreglass. Today, Gazechim Compositi Italia Spa is a key reference in Italy in the distribution of products for the composite materials industry.


Established in 1961 in Reggio Emilia, the company soon stood out on a national level in the production of car bodywork fillers and stone putties, sectors where its brand SPRINT® has become a leading brand sold all over the world. On the strength of these successes, by the 1990s, ICR had already embarked on a diversification strategy by developing product lines in synergistic fields: Industrial Paints, Fibre-based Putties for fibreglass marine yachts and a complementary line of Hand Cleaners. Today ICR counts a hundred and forty employees and sixty sales agents, has a stake in a subsidiary business in Spain, and a licensee in Lebanon for the Middle East market. ICR is present in over seventy countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The project that inspired the management from the beginning rests on three precise directives: Quality, Market Knowledge and International Development.


MVP ITALIA Composite Technologies is a trading company structured in Divisions that has set itself the goal of distributing high-tech industrial products. For the products it sells, it offers customers a complete service ranging from technical consultancy, for the selection of the most suitable components, to supply, with the relevant certifications and integrated services such as spare parts storage, technical assistance for repairs, overhauling and training. Born in 1960 as CT Milano with the distribution of aviation products, MVP ITALIA has gradually diversified with the addition of mainly British, American and German products. Today it operates in the following sectors:



The pursuit of customer satisfaction has always been the prime objective. The desire to achieve this goal has driven and motivated the company to invest in people and structure to guarantee the necessary support. Hence, MVP ITALIA has grown considerably, accompanied in the process by the collaboration of customers who have shown respect and trust.


Polycell is a dynamic company in the customisation of cores for composite materials, providing a wide range of solutions suitable for the most sophisticated and particular technical requirements. Polycell offers various services including FLEX: Opposing incisions on cores for composite materials made with 0.8mm blades, thus ensuring an adequate transfer of resin combined with good flexibility; DRILLINGS: Drilling on cores for composite materials with variable distances, with standard geometries or rhombus-shaped patterns, the most common being 20mm x 20mm, 40mm x 40mm, 80mm x 80mm. Using numerical control machines, it is possible to customise the drilling according to the customer's needs; CUSTOMISED INCISIONS: In addition to the classic 2mm incision 2mm deep, this machining can be customised both in width and in depth according to the designer's needs; BONDING: Structural bonding in core press for composite materials in order to obtain thicknesses that would otherwise not be possible; KIT: The kits are pre-cut and numbered components that adapt to the mould and make up the required product. This solution makes it possible to obtain maximum constructive precision, minimising material time and waste. They are the ideal solution for continuous production processes; SCRIM: Panels cut for their entire height minus 2mm and glued with a glass fabric in order to guarantee maximum flexibility.

WS Marine s.r.l.

WS Marine s.r.l. is a young distribution and consulting company that carries out its activities mainly in the nautical sector. WS Marine s.r.l. is the exclusive distributor for Italy of the West System and Pro-Set brands, known all over the world, for over 50 years, thanks to the high quality and resistance of its Epoxy Resins for bonding, lamination, grouting on any type of support .


Sika, founded in Switzerland in 1910, operates globally, has branches in 101 countries around the world and produces in over 170 establishments. Sika produces and sells chemical products for the building industry and is active in two areas of competence: the Construction division and the Industry division. Sika Italia, a subsidiary of the Sika Group, established in 1932, produces a wide range of cutting-edge solutions and systems. The quality and reliability of Sika are universally recognized and proven by numerous innovative systems and products, used for many years in different fields of application

Stark Multivision Design

Stark is an Italian company, leader in the world of events, which produces and sells high-brightness projectors capable of producing maxi architectural projections of extraordinary emotional impact, superior in terms of image quality to any digital projector currently on the market. Stark also creates "touchless" interactive systems and holograms, ideal for the world of museums, fairs and entertainment in general.


Marbo Italia S.p.a. was founded in 1966. Since then it has played an important role in the development and dissemination of innovations in the chemical sector through the production of high quality products to be used in the molding phase. In these decades of activity, it has enhanced the production lines, automated processes, increased the sales and technical assistance network, created branches and local partnerships all over the world, consolidating its leadership position. With continuous efforts in the search for eco-compatible products, it has grown thanks also to the acquisition of Mapol technologies, Icopor and Levenit, and the creation of JVs as Marbocote UK, with highly qualified partners. All aimed at setting up a group strongly focused on customer satisfaction and offering a complete product package and a fast and reliable assistance service.

Model Resine

The Model Resine was born in 1975 in Turin, as a distributor of one of the most important global chemical brands, to provide a local logistics service in one of the areas with the highest concentration of modeling in Italy. Taking its first steps in this sector, it perceives the need to gradually expand the range of products and services to arrive, in the coverage of the entire national territory, to be a reference point in the world of Tooling and Composite. Since 2006 Model Resine has exclusively distributed products of Rampf Tooling, a world leader in the production of milling tables, for our country. Extending the collaboration with the most qualified manufacturers of resins, release agents and other materials used mainly in the automotive, aeronautical and nautical industries for the production of models, molds, prototypes and manufactured goods. Resine engages all its resources in meeting the needs of a clientele represented by the most important names of Italian industry.


Emanuele Mascherpa S.p.A. is a commercial company, founded in 1904, which acts as the exclusive representative and distributor of machines, tools, components, equipment, special lubricants, adhesives and sealants, anticorrosion. The company has a direct sales force, integrated by agents and distributors throughout the territory, which brings the benefits of qualitative research and continuous technical-commercial assistance to customers. The headquarters is in the commercial center of Milan, the main warehouses are in Tribiano.


Talk to each other, understand each other. Tune in, share choices, grow together. This is how we work every day in Sirca, to make the noble and ancient art of formulating paints, narrated by Primo Levi, ever closer to the desires of customers and the potential of new technologies. Over 20% of Sirca personnel are employed in the technical area: in a completely new laboratory of over 1000 square meters, technical formulators, analysts, testers, colorists, applicators, work as a team to anticipate market trends, meet daily needs of the customer, check that each production lot corresponds to the declared technical and application requirements. The laboratory is equipped with a department equipped with the application and drying equipment necessary to reproduce the industrial painting cycles on a pilot scale. In this way technicians and customers they can evaluate the performance of the products in real conditions of use and thus choose the best solutions for their painting problems. The daily contact with the external assistance technicians also allows the research staff an immediate and constant view of the real market trends.

RPM Solutions S.r.l.

RPM Solutions S.r.l. is a dynamic Italian company that places itself at the service of companies by supplying technologically innovative products and solutions with high and rigorous quality standards, to satisfy any need for bonding, sealing, waterproofing, impregnation and encapsulation.

RPM Solutions is born thanks to important alliances with excellent industry partners. Our sales organization guarantees a professional service supported by the technical experience and distribution capacity of a team of highly qualified collaborators that make RPM Solutions a reference point for operators in the composites, industry, boating and 'building.

T&T Spa

The metals division of T&T Spa is a service center located in central Italy, near Rome, leader in the sector both for equipment and product range. In fact it has coils cutting lines for the production of sheets for thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 3 mm of 1500 h, from 4 to 18 mm of 2.500 h. It also has slitter for the production of ribbons ranging from 0.4 to 6 mm of thickness h 1500, of a banding machine and of a satin finishing and scotch-bright plant in line for stainless steel sheets.Our range of products includes aluminum, stainless steel and electro-galvanized. The composite division of T&T Metalli e Compositi deals with the distribution of raw materials and accessories for the production of fiberglass products and advanced composites to companies both in the main sectors (industry, boating, transport) and in highly specialized market niches.

Modelleria - gruppo IDROITALIA

In central Italy, a few kilometers from Rome and the port of Ancona, IDROITALIA Srl, for over 15 years, has been operating in the field of numerically controlled molds, models and prototypes in the nautical and industrial sector. Founded in 2004 by a group of people with previous experience in cnc production, it immediately demonstrated to be a valid partner for boatyards, designers, and technical studies in the industrial sector. The production site, of over 2,500 square meters, is mainly composed of 5-axis numerically controlled cutters with which you can reach up to 22 meters of useful length of work, being able to supply models and pre-molds in single blocks even on considerable lengths, thus avoiding assembly and centering. As for fast prototyping, the Ares 5-axis CMS allows for rapid machining with lengths up to 4.8 meters thanks to the 15Kw spindle - 24.000g / min. on composite materials and aluminum. Furthermore there are areas with controlled temperature, dedicated to the finishing and bodywork of the articles, and to the lamination of the fiberglass molds. A remarkable productive elasticity, allows us to satisfy customers with the best solution based on individual needs with high quality structural materials such as epoxy pastes, resins, polyurethane, high density polystyrene and machinable boards of leading European brands. The constant collaboration with the customers, and the continuous attention in satisfying the manifold productive demands of the customers supplying products with high standards of quality, is favoring a rapid business development and an expansion on the national and foreign territory

Consorzio Tecnomar Liguria

Consorzio Tecnomar Liguria is a consortium of small and medium enterprises operating in the Liguria region established in 2009 in order to participate in the governance of the Ligurian Marine Technologies District (DLTM) and promote strategic research, innovation and training projects in the naval technology sectors of the defense, shipbuilding and nautical shipbuilding, and monitoring, reclamation and safety of the marine environment.

The Ligurian District of Marine Scrl Technologies 

The Ligurian District of Marine Scrl Technologies (DLTM), is a private limited liability consortium company, established on 8 July 2009 on the basis of the Framework Program Agreement signed by the Liguria Region, the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Economic Development. The DLTM pursues the aims of:

• Representing the meeting point between scientific and technological supply and demand between companies and the research system present in the Liguria region:

• Preparing itself as a common development center for high-tech activities;

• Configuring itself as a technology transfer center to the territorial productive fabric, with particular attention to SMEs Being a territorial node of the national and international network formed by the technological districts in the context of the National Maritime Technology Platform.

Sitep Italia Spa

Sitep Italia has a long tradition of designing, developing, producing and supporting advanced electronic systems for military and commercial applications since 1975. Born as a small military equipment manufacturer for the Italian Navy, Sitep Italia has grown steadily over the years. Continuous investments in human resources and capital have allowed the company to acquire a leading role as a support to the Italian naval market, to export its innovative technology worldwide, to share its technology and expand into commercial applications.

Eurogarco Spa

Eurogarco Spa was founded in 1999 by the merger of Guarco (acronym for Gaskets and Insulation), active in the sectors of sealing gaskets and insulating materials, and Eurogar, a company specialized in the supply of components for piping - gaskets, valves, pipes, fittings and flanges. The new asset leads the company into new activities, such as project engineering and technical assistance for oil & gas pipelines, refineries and petrochemical projects. Euroguarco's product expertise and solid partnerships with the main Manufacturers from all over the world place the company in a unique position as a single and reliable supplier for its customers in the oil and gas, energy and water industry.

Fluid Global Solutions Srl

Fluid Global Solutions deals with the activities related to the machines suitable for moving the fluid and their components, activities include the supply of complete units and their spare parts with both standard and custom solutions. In this field of activity and operating under certification ISO 9001: 2015, the company has constantly favored the search for solutions capable of ensuring rapid and streamlined responses while maintaining maximum reliability in terms of product quality and service flexibility.

Fluid Global Solutions Srl

Fluid Global Solutions deals with the activities related to the machines suitable for moving the fluid and their components, activities include the supply of complete units and their spare parts with both standard and custom solutions. In this field of activity and operating under certification ISO 9001: 2015, the company has constantly favored the search for solutions capable of ensuring rapid and streamlined responses while maintaining maximum reliability in terms of product quality and service flexibility.

BK Srl

BK s.r.l. is an SME present in the Information Technology sector since 2002 and mainly addresses the defense, industry, transport and logistics market sectors. The core business of the company is based on designing, implementing and managing software systems, whose architectures can be the result of the integration of heterogeneous subsystems. By virtue of the application and technological skills developed working closely with high-profile clients, BK proposes itself as a supplier of software systems with high technological value.

Metodo Group Srl

Metodo Srl is born from the aggregation of seven companies that for decades have been active in the area for the supply of IT services. The company operates as a solution integrator on several fronts: ICT consulting and analysis; Cyber ​​and network security; Business cloud solutions; Software development, mobile applications; Networking; Website development and corporate communication; Video surveillance and access control; GDPR consulting; Hardware, software supplies; Telephone exchanges and telecommunications equipment; Structured wiring (fiber and copper).


Euroresins, part of the Cathay Investments Limited group, continues to be one of the leading composites distributors in Europe.
The market requires fast, reliable, safe and efficient solutions.
Euroresins remains at the forefront of composite solution providers, as it continues to reliably provide these requirements to its customers through close relationships, experienced staff, supported by the cutting-edge logistics supply chain.

Navaldesign & Consulting S.r.l.

In the last twenty years, over 1300 consulting services, including over 300 projects, have been supplied by Navaldesign & Consulting s.r.l to important groups of yachts for pleasure craft, commercial shipyards, research institutes, universities and private owners. Currently the staff of Navaldesign & Consulting s.r.l. it is made up of eight engineers and four architects / designers thanks to whom the company is able to offer 360 ° services!


"Your dream is our inspiration, driving pencil of our technique over the canvas of the sea".

This is the philosophy of Micad, a company that deals with: Yacht design, naval architecture, reverse engineering.

Metodo Group Srl


Easily is a network of Italian companies founded in 2019 that operates in the field of Nautical Refitting, Interior Design and Business Services, whose mission is to spread technological innovation with low environmental impact and promote high value-added services-products. Network companies Easily participants in Seatec & Compotec 2019 are: Bottega Meccanica, Extreme Wrap, Freeideas, La Piaia, Ombee, Meplas.

Easily presents Renolit Dolphin S  - Renolit Maritime




Biquadro Srl, founded in 2007 by engineers Alessandro Boni and Rodolfo Brutti, is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of sheet metal components for third parties. The company machine park is equipped with two modern automated cutting systems produced by Salvagnigni Group SPA and bending systems. Biquadro Srl develops in two production plants based in Bagnoli di Sopra and has more than forty employees. In the course of its activity, the company has developed skills that allow it to work alongside the client in complex projects, developing ad hoc solutions and performing special processes.

Biquadr presents Bajofix and Safetyfix
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