The 17th Seatec presents SEATEC COMPOTEC ACADEMY, a space dedicated to conferences of high technical profile, designed as a fundamental tool for in-depth analysis and updating for the sector, with the provision of professional training credits (CFP) associated with some conferences

Seatec-Compotec Academy is a campus dedicated to professional updating of the sector, a qualified structure able to organize courses, seminars, thematic conferences, round tables, conferences focused on vocational training in the nautical, naval and composite material fields, which ideally continue the paths already institutionalized by the Universities that have departments and schools related to naval and nautical engineering, naval architecture and the numerous fields of applications of the composite materials, such as Genoa, La Spezia, Naples and Trieste.

In addition to the obligation of continuous training, however, the activity of Seatec-Compotec Academy has a concrete and current value in terms of in-depth study, professional updating, scientific learning, improvement of one’s professional baggage, for all those who dedicate themselves to the sector. These initiatives are dedicated, at the same time, to fulfill the role of connection between technical culture and the world of production and the supply chain of the various sectors.

With the seminar “New frontiers for the reduction of emissions”, Enrico Ursomando, engineer, head of Rina Academy, will examine all the solutions currently under study to reduce the emissions of large engines: batteries, exhaust gas cleaning, alternative fuels, LNG (liquefied natural gas), fuel cell engines, while Fincantieri will present the study carried out together with Cetena for a totally zero emission ship, a project that will be developed in the coming years.

Maurizio Archetti of Ecospray, engineer, will examine in detail the problem of the limitation and control of emissions of large marine engines with solutions proposed by Ecospray itself and solutions applied by Tankoa yard by architect Andrea Parodi, and in the production yacht field by the engineers Michelangelo Casadei of Ferretti Group, Paolo Bertetti, of Sanlorenzo, Giorgio Gallo of Rina and Stefano Pagani of Ucina.

Solutions are not around the corner and will require significant investment from shipyards, as well as engine manufacturers such as Mtu, Caterpillar, Man and Volvo, who will be able to present their in-house solutions.


03/04/2019 at 11:00 c/o START UP ARENA


03/04/2019 from 10:30 to 12:00 c/o Compotec Hall – Pavillion D
1) Identification of equivalent materials for the creation of representative models in experimentation in the laboratory
Speakers: E. Cestino, G. Frulla (Polito – Dimeas)
2) The creation of composite lamination moulds with 3D printing: application to the S55 model
Speakers: Team S55 + E. Cestino (Polito)
3) Slamming and fatigue damage of the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 fleet
Speaker: S. Beltrando (Qi Composites)
4) ” Simplified CAE simulation of composite structural support for naval applications”
Speaker: Carlo Tonarelli (General Manager of Phiequipe) Development curbed by bureaucracy;
Mr. Matteo Italo Ratti, director Marina Cala de’ Medici.
Stefano Ciuoffo, Special guest: Councillor for State Property and Tourism in the Tuscany region
Antonio Oretti: Safety and the circular economy in port refitting
Pierluigi Aminti: Design and maintenance of tourist port dams
Marco Corti – GD Marina di Punta Ala
Simone Tempesti – CEO Marina di Bocca d’Arno

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03/04/2019 from 10:30 to 13:00 Bernini Hall
The role of private research in large industrial groups and SMEs:
Curator: Angelo Colombo
Donato Colantonio, CompNext (Special composites/surface treatments, galvanic/chemical)
Mauro Andreoli, NCF-HARD NANO CERAMIC FINISHING (nano ceramic surface treatments)
Giovanni Cecchini, Cecchini Racing Team
Eng. Paolo Ponsicchi, technical director, Eurocraft
Eng. GüntherLutz, CompositesEngineering Consultant, VULKAN Deutschland MSC software (TBC)
Eng. Sergio Abrami, Sergio Abrami & C. Yacht Designers

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CASE HISTORY: Connect different Worlds

04/04/2019 at 14:00 c/o Bernini Hall
At the opening of the conference: prizegiving “Innovative Design Technology Award”
Sergio Buttiglieri, Style Director – Cantieri San Lorenzo

It will present the unique history of the shipyard that has reached the summit of yacht builders over 24 meters thanks to the innovation based on nautical traction and the organic relationship with design and art
CFP Conference for Architect

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04/04/2019 from 10:00 to 12:00 c/o ASCOMAC area
All the solutions currently being studied to reduce the emissions of large engines: batteries, flue gas cleaning, alternative fuels, LNG, fuel cells.
Eng. Enrico Ursomando, Rina Academy
“MTU: technological evolution in support of the reduction of polluting emissions”
Eng. Michele del Nervo, MTU Italia Srl
“Law Exaust Emission Levels”-IMO tier III”
Sir. Massimiliano Pini, VOLVO GROUP ITALIA SpA – VOLVO PENTA Division
” Superyachts and emission control: certification paths, multi-purpose solutions and practical applications”
Doc. Andrea Castagno, ECOSPRAY TECHNOLOGIES srl
Round Table Conference on smoke reduction and IMO tier III 2020 application
The following shipyards will be present: Tankoa, Benetti and Sanlorenzo with their case histories and RINA registres, Giorgio Gallo e Lloyd’s Register, Paolo Izzo

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Current situation and prospects for an ever-growing sector
04/04/2019 from 10:00 to 13:00 CANOVA HALL
Coordinator: Merijn de Waard, Super Yacht Times
Speakers: Merijn de Waard – SuperYacht Times
Ralph Dazert – SuperYacht Times
Alberto Perrone Da Zara – Lürssen

Daniele Di Giampaolo – Amico
Stephen Hills – Pendennis
Andrea Carlevaris – ACP Surveyors
Franc Jansen – JMS Yachting

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04/04/2019 from 14:00 to 16:00 c/o ASCOMAC area
The evolution of handling work and pleasure boats in the IoT and Big Data era
Curator and organiser: ATENA Lombardia
Paolo Mazzucchelli, Navigazione Laghi
Eng. Stefani, Martec
Eng. Danilo Naretti, Fincantieri
Eng. Piccione, Volvo
Eng. Bottino, ABS

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Circular economy: ecodesign-industrial symbiosis and sustainable solutions

04/04/2019 from 14:00 to 16:00 c/o Canova Hall
Organised by: GS4C
Moderator: Arch. Andrea Ratti, Master Yacht Design Director – Politecnico di Milano
Enrico Benco – GS4C srl
Eng. Lorenzo Pollicardo – SYBass
Doc. Guidi Daniele – Giudi srl
Doc. Filippo Corsini – Phd Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa – Circular Economy
Arch. Alessandro Sammartini – Master in Architettura per Allestimenti Fieristici dello I.U.A.V di Venezia
Doc. Claudio Mingazzini — ENEA
CFP Conference

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4th April, 10:15-13:00, SALA BERNINI
Organised by Polytechnic of Milan
By Professor Andrea Ratti, Professor Sergio Terzi, Arianna Bionda (Architect), Ph. Lucia Ramundo, Polytechnic of Milan CDepartment of Design, Department of Management Engineering)
10: 15-10: 40 – Introduction to the seminar “Nautical Science 4.0: digital strategies for the future of boating” – Andrea Ratti, Polytechnic of Milan
10: 40-11: 00 – “The Industry 4.0 Plan and Nautical perspectives: Nautical Observatory 4.0” – Sergio Terzi, Polytechnic of Milan
11: 00-11: 30 – “First results of the Nautical Survey 4.0: sector, technologies, training and new perspectives” – Sergio Terzi and Lucia Ramundo, Polytechnic of Milan
11: 30-11: 50 – “New Technologies and the Yacht Design Project” – Arianna Bionda, Polytechnic of Milan
11: 50-12: 00 -“The H2020 LINCOLN project” – Lucia Ramundo, Polytechnic of Milan
12: 00-12: 20– “i-Capitain – Maritime IoT platform for design and operations” – Jacopo Cassina, Holonix
12: 20-12: 40 – “Zerynth – The Middlewar for IoT in the Maritime sector” – Gabriele Montelisciani and Daniele Mazzei, Zerynth
12: 40-13: 00– “Symbiote and Smart Yachting: IoT and harbor boat process management” – Gianluca Insolvibile and Matteo Pardi, Nextworks
CFP Conference

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04/04/2019 from 16:00 to 18:00 c/o Bernini Hall
Round Table Conference
Made in Italy design is synonymous with excellence, luxury and elegance. Its strong point is the ability to combine craftsmanship quality with innovation, thanks to the Italian genius of entrepreneurs and designers.
Franco Michienzi, Editor of “Barche Magazine”
Arch. Brunello Acampora
Arch. Fulvio De Simoni
Arch. Alberto Mancini
Gianni Zuccon
Eng. Giovanni Ceccarelli
Eng. Sergio Cutolo
Eng. Roberto Piatti (Torino Design)
Vasco Buonpensiere (Cantiere delle Marche)
L. Taccoli (Perini Navi)
CFP Conference for Architects
Barche Magazine organizes an exhibition dedicated to nautical design “made in Italy”
Download the flyer of the Conference

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05/04/2019 from 10:00 to 14:00 BERNINI ROOM
Marinas and Logistics, success factors for the development of the country
Andrea Gentile, President of Assologistica
Giancarlo Laguzzi, President of Fercargo
Nereo Marcucci, President Confetra
Gian Enzo Duci, President of Federagenti
Carla Roncallo, ADSP ML East
Paolo Emilio Signorini, ADSP ML West
Stefano Corsini, ADSP MT North
Daniele Rossi (Assoporti President)
Giuseppe Tarzia – Rear admiral – Maritime Director of Tuscany and Commander of the Port of Livorno (coffee break)
Round Table “Logistic platforms and intermodal centres: Technology and logistic corridors as competitive values”
Daniele Testi, Contship,
Christian Colaneri, Sales Director, RFI
Francesco Delzio, Autostrade per l’Italia
Alessandro Panaro, SRM
Luigi Capitani, Unione Interporti Riuniti
Iames Pignani, Gavio Group
Olimpia Ferrara, SRM, Team Maritime
Conclusions: Deputy Minister Edoardo Rixi, Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport.
CFP conference

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05/04/2019 from 10:00 to 13:00 CANOVA ROOM
a) The role of public institutions for primary research
Speakers: Eng. Pietro Russo, CNR IPCB
b) The role of private research in large industrial groups and SMEs:Case Studies – Fincantieri, SITEP, EDGELAB
c) The joint research of districts, clusters, business networks, academies in the sector, trade associations
Prof. Andrea Bracciali, DITECFER
Eng. Gianluca Megna, University of Florence
Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A.
Prof. Leali – Unimore, University of Modena and Reggio E.
Mr Aldrovandi, Mr Ribaldi – Scientific Marketing Advisor. Mirandolese Biomedical District
The “research” in the Italian industry:
d) “R&D intensive”; sectors: Chemistry, defence and aerospace
Federchimica (TBC)
Mr. Rosario Pavone, AIPAS
Prof. Luigi Carrino, President, Aerospace District of Campania
Eng. Claudio Voto
e) The gradual adoption of new materials in intermediate technology sectors, up to “mass market” products and services:
Case Studies
Prof. Leali, Unimore, University of Modena and Reggio E.
f) Relations, “trasmission” times and synergies among different sectors
Speaker: Eng. Giovanni Caprino, Cetena
g) The case of the engineering sector: from aerospace to work clothes
Eng. Claudio Voto
Mr. Rosario Pavone, AIPAS
CFP Conference
Download the flyer of the conference

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The highways of the sea

05/04/2019 from 14:30 to 17:30 Bernini Room
At the conference Edoardo Rixi, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Mauro Coltorti, President of the 8th Senate Permanent Commission (Pubblic Works and Communications), Massimo Mallegni, Member of the Senate 8th Permanent Commission (Pubblic Works and Communications) will bring their institutional greetings.
Introduction by Fabio Roggiolani (Giga – Ecofuturo) and Giuliano Gabbani (Professor of the University of Florence) – Presentation of the Highways of the Sea Report – Realize the fifth italian infrastructure
Lorenzo Maggioni (R&D Manager – CIB) – the development of biomethane and BioGNL for the Motorways of the Sea
Roberto Roasio (Ecomotive Solutions) – The possible conversion to duel fuel of boats
Diego Gavagnin (GNL Conference) – Perspectives and intermodality of marine fuels with zero environmental impact
Guido Barbazza (Wartsila Italia SpA President) – Towards 100% renewable energy: Wartsilia and the role of GNL
Massimo Mura (AD, Tirrenia CIN – Gruppo Onorato Armatori)
Antonio Musso – (AD Grendi)
Matteo Bocci (Manager for WestMed Central Team projects in Brussels) – Presentation of WestMed Technical Assistance Mechanism – European Commission
Tullio Berlenghi ( Head of Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of the Environment) – Presentation of DEASP guidelines – GreenPort
Round Table Conference moderate by Fabio Roggiolani
Will join:
Massimo Mallegni ( Senator of the Italian Repubblic), Alberto Rossi (Assarmatori President), Daniele Rossi ( Assoporti President), Mauro Coltorti (Permanent Commission President – Public Works and Communications), Alfredo Malcarne (Assonautica President), Francesco Benevolo (RAM SpA Director)
Scarica la locandina del Convegno

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Energy efficiency in ports

5th of April from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. c/o Ascomac Area
Greetings and Presentation
Carlo Belvedere, General secretary ASCOMAC Confcommercio, Enterptrises for Italy
Innovative and sustainable models and modes of production, consumption and use.
Energy and environmental planning of the port system (DEASP).
High efficiency cogeneration as a system to respond to priorities in ports
Renewable sources, geothermal energy and ecodragages
Interventions of ESCos in Italian ports and marinas
Energy Saving on ships and ports
Realizations in European port areas
Sergio Dotti, CGT SpA
Fabio Roggiolani, G.I.G.A. Ecofuturo e Prof. Giuliano Gabbani, Ordinary Professor of Earth Science at University of Florence
Lawyer Francesco Arecco, Francesco Arecco Studio, Cellere Gangemi of Macchi Studio and Eng. Marco Nicolini, Agresco srl
Guido Ceccarelli, Effegi Eco-Business Consulting and Eng. Matteo Cavalleroni, TekSea/Europa Energy
Edoardo Rovarini, Karl Dungs srl

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