The three awards in the competition see the start-ups Balance and Super-surface as the winners; third prize to Biquadro and two special mentions to Maritan Glass and PME Mare

Carrara, 4 April 2019

At Seatec, ADI Toscana organises, in collaboration with IMM_CarraraFiere, the Innovative Design Technology Award. The competition, which can be entered by exhibitors at Seatec and Compotec, promotes the quality and culture of design dedicated to advanced technology components for the nautical and composite materials sectors. Their partication also enables them to compete in the selections for the ADI Design Index and the Compasso d'Oro, a fundamental reference for Italian and foreign observers on the evolution of Made in Italy products. The award allows the first three products selected to directly access the final selection by the ADI Design Observatory panel, skipping two steps: the local selection and the theme selection.

The panel for the second edition of the award was composed of Perla Gianni Falvo, President of ADI Toscana; Massimiliano Settimelli, Secretary of ADI Toscana; Andrea Ratti, member of the ADI National Thematic Panel; Antonio Pirrone, Member of ADI Toscana and Marco Amodio representing IMM_Carrara.

The members of the panel examined the competing products yesterday, selecting the start-up BALANCE Srl’s “HORIZON TRACKING SYSTEM” for “having tackled and solved the problem of orientation of planes, keeping them horizontal if the boat rolls or heels. The system can be applied to different components of the boat: from tables to hobs and beds. The system represents an evolution in terms of ergonomics in the habitability of the boat with great attention to details."

The second prize went to SUPERFICI DESIGN DEPARTMENT, another start-up, for the PRINTED COCKPIT 3D printer, with this statement: “for having optimised the additive manufacturing processes in the production of customised components for shipbuilding. With 3D printing it is possible, already in the design phase, to produce finished products complete with technical housings that speed up the installation of the components and with a perfect complementarity of the parts."

Third place went to the product SAFETYFIX: CEILING LOCKING SYSTEM by BI QUADRO Srl, “for having solved the problem of fixing ceiling panels by simplifying the assembly and disassembly even by non-specialised personnel. The system prevents the panel from falling and allows a single operator to carry out maintenance, especially in wired panels. Particular attention was paid to the use of recyclable materials. The system solves safety and maintenance aspects in an elegant manner."

In addition to the awards, the Panel awarded two special mentions to MARITAN GLASS and PME MARE respectively.