Green Expo News 2018

GREENTEC is the initiative reserved for companies participating in SEATEC-COMPOTEC that can promote the “green” products, ie those that are more sustainable for the environment.

GREENTEC makes it possible to identify products that meet the criteria of eco-sustainability: biodegradable, eco-sustainable in excess of 80%, made of recyclable materials, with a significant reduction of substances dangerous to health and the environment, with packaging made from recycled materials.

Particular attention is also dedicated to the phases of production, desirable in conditions of reduced energy consumption, with the use of renewable energy, with low emissions, with less use of water.

The ‘GREENTEC’ path is marked by the ‘green leaflet’ on the stands, on the floor plans and on the printed and online catalog, an additional opportunity to promote your company.

In addition, through the green news, published on the site and shared through our social networks, exhibitors can help to communicate the contents of the Fair and take advantage of an opportunity for extra visibility.

Exhibitors can download the self-reporting form directly from the reserved area.

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