Raw Area

COMPULSORY technical forms for stand building on raw areas.
The following forms must be filled in and sent as requested by the Italian laws (L.D. 81/08 and subsequent amendments/integrations).
Please send stand assembling form by e-mail to ufficio.tecnico@carrarafiere.it

Technical forms

Raw area

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A Form

Stand assembling – Safety

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B Form

Compliance of the system

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C Form

Fire prevention

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D Form

Proper fitting

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Prefitted Area

COMPULSORY form for Exhibitors with a pre-fitted stand.
This form must be filled in and sent by law as per Art. 26 L.D. 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions.
Please send the form by e-mail to ufficio.tecnico@carrarafiere.it

A_bis Form


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Exhibitors Info

Fitting Information

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Goods Entry Form

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Box storage

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Exhibitors Fitting Info

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Important information and documentation: mounting and dismantling days, Goods entry Form -to be filled and presented at the entrances of the fairground, handling and box storage form.
All forms are in PDF format: to be sent via e-mail to ufficio.tecnico@carrarafiere.it.
DEADLINE: 15 March 2019

Transit permit for vehicles over 7,5t



vehicles over 7,5t


Transit permit for Viale G. Galilei from motorway A12 exit to the fair entrance and back, in derogation of existing restrictions for vehicles over 7,5t, for vehicles specified in the form(to be displayed in the vehicle), essential part of the permit (in italian language, please fill in the form with VEICOLO(vehicle), TARGA(plate) and GIORNO (date)). The permit is valid during Seatec fitting and dismantling days, only during these hours: from 8,30 to 12,30; from 13,30 to 15,30; from 16,30 to 24,00. Form to be sent to centraleoperativapm@comune.carrara.ms.it and distaccamentomarinapm@comune.carrara.ms.it

L.D. 81/08


L.D. 81/08 and subsequent amendments/integrations

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These are the current rules that refer to the technical documentation that you have to sign and send to CARRARAFIERE. Text is published on the website of the Italian Ministry of Labor www.lavoro.gov.it or on www.ispettorato.gov.it