Many topics to be discussed at the events held in Carrara, including the abatement of pollutants, Refit & Repair,  the use of composites in construction, on-board stabilisation and the marketing of component companies

Carrara, 17 January 2020

Seatec, the exhibition of technology, components, design and subcontracting applied to pleasure boating, the only event dedicated to the sector in Italy and southern Europe, and Compotec, "Hi-tech Composites Solutions", the only event in Italy dedicated to the industry of composite materials and their multiple applications, conceived and organised by IMM CarraraFiere, will be staging the Seatec-Compotec Academy. Once again, the Academy will be offering training opportunities for the 2020 edition, aimed at  Engineers and Architects who need CFP, Professional Training Credits, to comply with the requirements set out by their respective professional associations.

The Seatec-Compotec Academy is a campus specifically designed for the professional updating of the sector. Its professional team organises courses, seminars, thematic conferences, round tables and conferences focused on professional training in the nautical, naval and composite materials sectors. These follow on directly from the courses held by universities with departments and schools relating to naval and nautical engineering, naval architecture and the numerous fields of application of composites.  Among these are the universities of Bologna, Genoa, La Spezia and Turin as well as internationally renowned institutes such as Rina, Cnr and Athena.

In addition to the obligation of continuous training, the training programme carried out by the Seatec Compotec Academy has a concrete and current value in terms of in-depth study, professional updating, scientific learning and knowledge. It is designed for all those involved in the sectors to which these events are dedicated, and at the same time it fulfils its role of liaison between technical culture and the world of production and the supply chain of suppliers in the various sectors.

The conference programme starts on Wednesday 5 February at 10:30 with the conference entitled "Design and Simulation of composites for innovative applications" by Turin Polytechnic, coordinated and organised by Professor Giacomo Frulla. It will address topics such as: "Additive manufacturing in the construction of remotely piloted aircraft", the "Installation of composite components on board the aircraft", the "Design and construction of composite monocoques for competition single-seaters".

In the afternoon of 5 February at 15:30, Fabio Petrone from Pressmare will be moderating  the conference on “Marketing in subcontracting companies: successful case histories” with testimonies from GianneschiPumps & Blower, Team Italy, Model Maker Group and Italian Sea Group. 

On Thursday 6 February, the spotlight will be on the conference dedicated to refitting organised by IMM CarraraFiere with the prestigious collaboration of Superyacht Times. With contributions, among others, by NcaRefit, Seven Stars Marina, Palumbo Group and Cantiere Rossini, the conference will be examining the trends underway in the sector and the results of a specific research project on the reasons that lead to the choice of refitting rather than new building.   

Organised by Professor Angelo Di Tommaso of the University of Bologna, the conference "Composites and related technologies in civil engineering and architecture" in relation to Aico, the Italian Composites Association, will be dealing with issues related to the use of composite materials in civil engineering and architecture works, very topical issues in a moment of fragility for large Italian road infrastructures and for the conservation and restoration of buildings in areas subject to earthquakes. The conference will enjoy contributions by prime companies such as Kerakoll, Sika Italia, G&P Intech, Sismocell-Reglass, Fip International and Domus Costruzioni. The conference, which will take place on Thursday 6 February from 10:30 to 18:00, is accredited by the National Council of Engineers and the Architects Association of the province of Massa Carrara for the issue of Professional Training Credits.

On Thursday 6 February, at 14:00, Engineer Andrea Mancini of InseanCnr Institute of Engineering of the Sea of the National Research Council, will be coordinating the speeches by CMC Marine, QuickItaly, Quantum marine stabilizers, GyroMarine, Seakeeper, Naiad Dynamics on the topic increasingly requested by users of static and dynamic "on board stabilisation".  

At 14:00 on Thursday 6 February, on the theme of composites, TEC Eurolab will be discussing "Mechanical characterisation and Dma analysis" with practical case studies regarding the organisation of the test, sample preparation, variables influencing the testing and interpretation of the results.

Again, on Thursday 6 February, at 15:30, Atena Lombardia will be looking at  the issue of reducing emissions from diesel engines in the theme "Farewell NOx? The abatement of polluting emissions in pleasure boating ”, with the testimony of a high-profile panel made up of Paolo Bertetti (Sanlorenzo), Carlo Bertoglio (HugEngineeringItalia), Andrea Picione (Volvo Italy) and Daniele Bottino (ABS).


The Nest conference dedicated to "nanotechnologies: services to companies for innovation and technology transfer" is due to begin at 10:30.

Also on Friday 7, at 10:30, the conference organised by Rina will be held entitled "Overview on issues relating to the environment, digitisation and technological innovations, Workshop on new national environmental regulations". Engineer Giorgio Gallo, Rina's Business Development Manager, will be moderating the conference, introducing the speakers Andrea Venturelli on "Inventory HazarduosMaterials", Claudio Vanni on "Electric Hybrid Propulsion", Valentina Parini on "IMO Tier III", KiberHelmet on "Remote Inspection" , Laura Occhiodoro on "Polar Code". The conference, due to end at 15:00, is accredited by the National Council of Engineers and the Architects Association of the province of Massa Carrara for the issue of Professional Training Credits.

The 2020 edition of Seatec Compotec will be introducing the Shipyard Lounge, an exclusive meeting area for the main Italian shipyards and companies belonging to the subcontracting chain, where they can present, discuss, establish and develop relationships between customers and suppliers. 

Finally, the working relationship between Seatec and Compotec and the ICE Agency continues and is strengthened for the 2020 edition. The latter has confirmed its full support for the Tuscan exhibition by increasing the commercial delegation of foreign buyers from Europe and the Americas, another commercial advantage for the two events in Marina di Carrara.