ABITARE IL MARE’ is a concept related to design, furniture, engineering and whatever contributes to a better quality of living on board; events, workshops, exhibiting companies and specialized magazines.

Abitare il Mare, “living the sea” wants to be the expression of innovation and research of new lifestyles embracing elegance, sobriety and eco-sustainability. Within the awards space,

Abitare il Mare 2017 presents a gallery with the winners of the following contests:

M.Y.D.A. - Millennium Yacht Design Award

14th edition of the International design competition divided into 2 sections, beginners and professionals.

Qualitec Design Award

9th edition of the award reserved to the Exhibitors presenting the best design for furniture and components.

Qualitec Technology Award

also reserved to exhibiting companies only; at its 14th edition the award presents the most innovative and technologically advanced products.