Maritime Cyber Security – Physical and logical security: experience and practice

Data / Ora
Date(s) - 30/03/2017
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Maritime Cyber Security
Speaker: Dott. Ric. Filippo Novario

Place: Startup Arena

IT involves the maritime sector with positive (digitization of techncal activities  and connectivity) and negative implications (chronic impossible systems perfection and security). What is the cure for the so-called “negative profiles”: none. As for risk mitigation, you can extend the Cyber Security on board, from the informatics, legal and forensic point of view, in accordance with the requirements of the maritime sector. Through real case experiences, on board and ashore, carried out by the lecturer since 2014, the speech will offer a practical point of view on what can be conceived as Maritime Cyber Security, providing ideas and solutions about Informatics, Law and Business.
Filippo Novario
PhD and former Visiting  Professor in national and international universities of Legal and Forensic Informatics; Maritime Cyber Security Assessor-Consultant for naval authorities and institutions for national and international marine certification; Senior Consultant for public, private and international certification bodies in the fields of Cyber Security, Legal Informatics, Digital Forensics and Hacking; Scientific Director of the IGFWeb online database, Giappichelli Publisher;  Ethos Academy Professor.