PET GR Foam Core

PET GR foam core, is a thermoplastic material which has a good balance between mechanical properties, temperature resistance, density and cost, and can also be used in various processes. Its structure allows to obtain an extremely low resin ensuring a remarkable reduction of laminate’s final weight, however, increasing its rigidity and ensuring a high resistance under stress. It is compatible with most of commercially available resins and, furthermore, it is also adaptable to a wide range of molding processes such as hand lay-up, vacuum bagging, infusion and similar, but also for applications under mechanical pressing. PET GR is mainly used in reneweble energies, marine and transport sectors.

The PET production: the product is fully recyclable, we re-use 100% of our material process loss in internal recycling, and we do not use any ozone-depleting HFH or CFC blowing agents.

This new technology that enables the production of PET foam boards in consistent, reliable qualities made 100% from post-consumer PET packaging materials (r-PET). While “cradle to cradle” recycling of PET bottles is common practice and r-PET bottles are considered a valuable raw material, Armacell has developed the capability to recycle a PET packaging waste stream, which to a large degree ends up on landfills or goes to incineration, but it is now used to produce ArmaForm PET GR.

Making the post-consumer r-PET requires 70% less energy and produces 80% less CO2 per unit than the virgin PET resin 1). Using such r-PET as a raw material for our foaming process, a 30% reduction of the carbon footprint is possible compared to the use of virgin PET resin.